Outdoor Venues

Morrisville Parks

Morrisville has about seven parks with picnic shelters. To request to rent one, visit this Morrisville Parks Facility Rental page. Remember that most parks do not allow any alcohol on the grounds, and usually close at sunset, which in the summer can be well into the evening, but no where near midnight.

Each park website has a clear and bright map at the bottom of the page showing all the resources there.

Morrisville Community Park at 1520 Morrisville Pkwy.

Church Street Park at 5817 Cricket Pitch Way two shelters, A&B

Northwest Park Shelter at 998 Parkside Valley Drive

Indian Creek Greenway, Trailhead and Park Shelters A&B at 110 Town Hall Drive

Morrisville Parks & Recreation at 991 Aviation Pkwy oversees Morrisville’s parks.